Oddly enough, we are just three months away from the official launch of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. The first public betas are now available to everyone, and their performance is beginning to be polished to give the user a stable version. However, many features have been left in the pipeline and that we have not seen in these new updates. One of them is the absence of widgets in iPadOS and the new modular home screen. A designer has decided to integrate this reality into an iPadOS 15 concept where we can see the widgets in full action.

App Library and Widget Tray

Designer Parker Ortolani (via Cult of Mac) created an iPadOS 15 concept. It is likely that Apple already has its design. However, it is unimaginable to think of this operating system when we still do not have iOS and iPadOS 14 officially among us. Regardless of whether or not it is imaginable, we are going to analyze the concept, which makes a lot of sense and gives free rein to the customization of our home screen.

iOS 14 brought with it a remodeling of the home screen in the form of modules, applications, and widgets. With App Gallery, we were able to customize the apps that were on the home screen, while you can drag them to customize your screen display with the widgets.  

A Pro Menu

In the iPadOS 15 concepts seen above, the lower left displays the App Gallery for two questions. First, if you want to customize the home screen, then open an app in Split View. The next step is to integrate the widgets through a menu that is displayed at the top. It has a search engine and a horizontal scroll to find the element we need.

Modifying the home screen is the same as currently in iOS 14, a system of modules that allow you to add, remove, and update widgets, applications, and folders easily. 

Finally, this concept of iPadOS 15 and that I liked: Pro Menu. One more step towards the convergence between iPadOS and macOS. If we press in the upper left part, we display the Pro Menu, with which we can access various places and carry out different actions: restart, notification center, Apple ID, etc.

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