This is a part of the unknowns of this unique adventure. Will we’ve the best to a small demonstration of iOS 6? In contemporary years, aside from in 2011, Apple had grown accustomed to unveil its new operating system in March / April.

Is able to show a beta of its new system? Is it in his interest elsewhere? This could confuse some message from Apple that is to say that his new tablet is available for sale …




“We began looking at iPad user agents coming from Apple’s corporate IP block in Cupertino and discovered that Apple appears to be surfing the Web using iPads running what looks like iOS 6.0. The whole listing shows iPads running iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 (the current public release), iOS 5.1 (the upcoming release currently available to developers), and iOS 6. The iPads that appear to be running iOS 6 are also using a slightly newer build of WebKit—the older OSes all show WebKit 534.46, while the ones claiming to be iOS 6 show WebKit build 535.8.”

Anyway, the site Ars Technica has made ​​an interesting discovery. The logs of its web servers show that visitors like no others have recently surfed his site.Indeed, it is iPad with iOS 6. The browsers in question were also equipped with a newer version of WebKit (Safari): 535.8 to 534.46 against the version included in iOS 5.1.

Parallel to this, Ars found via Google Analytics a resurgence of devices with a resolution of 2048 * 1536 pixels. This confirms once again that the successor to the iPad 2 would have indeed a Retina display.

There is little doubt that the new iPad will come with IOS 5.1. And that during the special event, you might get at a better presentation of IOS 6.0. But there is no hurry, and this presentation could take place as last year at the developer conference (WWDC) which should take place in June.


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