iPatch makes Apple logo glow on your iPhone 4


It is among the first issues that stand out when in comparison with anyone with a MacBook is: the glowing Apple emblem. An entry in Apple modsite iPatch just as well in the iPhone can be implemented. Therefore they offer the opportunity soon to your iPhone 4 fee to provide an illuminated logo.


  iPatch, it is called, is simply the work of two repairmen iPhone / iPod English (Chris and Andy). The principle is simple but effective: to illuminate the Apple logo on the back of his iPhone to make it 4 more elegant, more simple, more beautiful.

At the moment the site is busy testing their adaptation to the iPhone 4. They expected around mid-October to start the service for customers. It is between 50 and 100 pound fee. That translates into roughly between 60 and 120. The final amount depends entirely on the method they eventually decide to apply.


iPatch dares at least now claiming that the only modification to no effect on the battery of the phone. The back of the unit is not even warm light. According iPatch light only when the logo screen of the phone is on, so we suspect that the backlight of the screen is used to produce light. The light is equally distributed over the entire logo.

It should be possible to keep your device to iPatch to send him to modify, but the site does warn of long shipping times. Plus, you must have peace with the idea that your iPhone 4 via the border post twice about.

Both young men hope to launch their product in the next 30 days to one hundred pounds. Of course, once installed, it will be seen or known of the use. The iPhone will still be functional without any change in advance of the back cover. Handling it should take about an hour.


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