A few months away for Apple to present its 2019 new devices, which is rumored that there will be a successor to the iPhone XR. There is already a lot of talk about the features that will come with the 2019 iPhone XR, although one that we did not expect was to see changes in colors.

This new rumor comes from the Japanese site Mac Otakara, a serious means when talking about Apple, stated that Apple is possibly preparing two new colors for the iPhone XR of 2019. Currently, the iPhone XR is sold in six different colors, which are the following: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral, and (PRODUCT) RED. Those that would not sell anymore are blue and coral.


Instead of the blue and the coral, Apple will present the two new colors in green and lavender. In this way, we will continue to have six different colors available. We must remember that a green iPhone is not something new, we had a few years ago, with the iPhone 5C. In lavender/purple/ violet none so far, except for some official cases.

Not only the new colors for the iPhone XR of 2019, but Mac Otakara also tells us about the substitutes of the XS and the XS Max. On the official silicone covers for these models, which will arrive in white, black, (PRODUCT) RED and shades similar to those of the soft yellow cover or the mint color cover.

Although these iPhone colors or its covers may not seem as important as other rumors, it is always good to know some extra details that have nothing to do with the rear cameras shift, the screen or the internal chip.

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