iPhone 13 to be thicker and with larger camera bump


The new technologies in the iPhone 13 device will be slightly thicker as well as having a larger rear chamber bump. It is expected to be launched at the end of 2021 with some minor changes to the overall design compared to the iPhone 12, which has already made significant changes in design. According to the schemes seen by MacRumors, however, the body will be 0.17 mm thicker.

Furthermore, even the camera bump will have a greater thickness on the whole iPhone 13 range. The iPhone 13 will have a bump with a thickness of 2.51 mm, up from the 1.7 mm of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, will have an even more pronounced bump thickness, reaching as long as 3.65 mm. From the image below you can get a pretty good idea of the differences.

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