As a result of we’re tied to present occasions we write lately concerning the iPhone  four and 5  greater than the 3GS. We would possibly virtually omit how nice the earlier technology iPhone in the intervening time. In step with a report by the U.S. NPD Group , overseeing all sales, it is still the second-best selling smartphone in the United States. The first place is taken by the iPhone 4.



Both iPhones have this position due to the fact that Apple only has few models in the range. The same report also turns out that 52 percent of the market, an Android phone, but this platform must be spread over the cake makers and more phone models. IOS accounts for 29 percent of the market.

The 3G is probably still in high position thanks to the price at which he sold in the United States.You get him at an AT & T subscription for $ 49 though, a relatively low amount compared to the $199 you spend on the iPhone 4. Nevertheless, the impressive numbers, especially considering that the 3G not on CDMA networks such as Verizon does

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