iPhone 3GS is Apple’s success story during the holidays


The holiday season is coming and manufacturers are so eager to devices for the limelight. Some retailersthis week were showing a real Christmas show, where all phone manufacturers have their lineup for the holiday season showed. Blackberry wants to steal the show with a series of white phones, while Nokia showed them all the way back to the top with the 800 Lumia. 


But according to Bloomberg, the iPhone 3G went on to score high eyes, like Apple's secret weapon.
The iPhone 4S or Siri, people maybe do run to the store, but the more than two years old iPhone 3GS does that too. This quarter the unit is still accounted for 20 percent of iPhone sales.Especially in the U.S. sells the unit is good, because the Americans get the iPhone 3GS for free with a subscription. IPhone 4 and 4S pay extra to be. Oddly enough, Apple thus a stand against the cheap Android&#0
, without dramatic impact on the financial results of Apple. 
The iPhone 3G, older, less expensive components.

 And will receive an Apple iPhone 3G still sold large amounts of $ 381 for the operators. This is much less than the $ 620 she received for the iPhone 4S, but the margin of both devices is the same: 56 percent. Analysts also agree with Bloomberg.Roger Entner says Recon Analytics LLC of the iPhone 3G is still better than competitors in the same price. Or so, buyers may soon decide with their wallets.

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