iPhone and Android: are the 2 opponents who need to battle the numbers. Every so often Android appears to lie in entrance, different instances the figures convey that the iOS remains to be a so much higher vary. It’s an unequal fight: Apple has to do with two gadgets (the iPhone 3GS and four), whereas dozens of Android telephones will likely be discovered however so much much less give a boost to from Google, some advertising and publicity are involved. 


Canaccord lead analyst Michael Walkley outdated information in which iPhone users get a happy feeling. He collected sales from retail chains and discovered that the  iPhone 3GS almost two years after launch over the counter more often than the new Android phones. Also sells the iPad better than a recent tablet from other manufacturers.

"Interestingly, from our figures for April show that there remains a strong demand for the iPhone 3GS at AT & T and the iPad one with Verizon. This older generation products with lower prices often beat the new Android products " Walkley wrote in a report. Because of the older products, the iPhone also for peop
le with less money interesting: Apple is now offering products in several price levels.
 Walkley discovered that less than two weeks after the launch of the iPad 2
 the first generation iPad, Verizon had already sold out. AT&T concerning the iPhone 3GS sold better than the Motorola HTC Inspire Atrix 4G and 4G.

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