The world information company Reuters  that Apple announced – according to two sources – will launch an iPhone 4  equipped with 8GB of storage along with the iPhone 5 . This phone is already in production right now and would replace the iPhone 3G entry-level also equipped with 8GB of storage. It would therefore be used by more people, the cost being reduced both the production and sale.


With regard to the upcoming Apple phone, the news agency put on an iPhone rather than an iPhone 4S 5 sense of the term. Understand here that would be more interesting inside than the outside and we should see a 4 iPhone more powerful than the current, hence the name "iPhone 4S". Still according to Reuters, it will be a target of 8 megapixel, a larger screen and improved array antenna.

But there are two camps today. Those who think – as Reuters – 4 to an iPhone more powerful, a 4S iPhone  and those who think a brand new iPhone, both visually and in her womb, an iPhone 5 . If we stick to the latest rumors, it's more the second camp which will last but do not sell the bear's skin before killing him.


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