iPhone 4 Cases Might not fit the iPhone 4S


The iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone in April, which would automatically mean that cases for the iPhone 4 also fit the new iPhone. At least, there were many people assume. The website Android Sale claims that this is not the case: the new band antenna of the iPhone has ensured that the sound because the side buttons no longer the same place. Especially the switch is very moved, something that in some cases can cause problems.


Gizmodo writes that a similar problem in the U.S. then played the Verizon iPhone 4 was introduced. Some cases of the four original iPhone was not useful for the new variant. This was particularly true for cases that are closely connected to the buttons: a case in which a large hole for the buttons, there was often still adjusting.

How serious the problem will ultimately be remains to be seen, although the above picture of Android Sale shows how the buttons are slightly different on the iPhone, there are no practice tests. This will probably only happen when the iPhone first countries in the 4S released later this week .


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