iPod contact four Getting Began with the White Variation


 After the historical past of the iPhone ultimate yr, misplaced the iPhone four and 5 at the moment , it’s now an iPod contact four in White to be even – wager – apple . We want the "discovery" to MIC Gadget who found the ground in a noodle restaurant in the vicinity of Hong Kong (as in original).Once at table, a site editor saw something on the floor. He thought it was an iPhone 5 can be , but in fact, not at all.


 Once in hand, he realized he was dealing with an iPod touch. But beware, a white iPod touch.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oSv1VxVdbI?rel=0]

Unfortunately, it still was not an iPod touch 5 . It was good of the four current iPod touch with a surface no longer black but white. A model that Apple has so far not released but will most likely be the day since it is for the moment, the only device on IOS to have scored his costume snow man. Note that it presents a kind of sticker on the HOME button, revealing a black button.




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