iPhone 4 Has 512MB of RAM


For the reason that launching of the primary technology iPhone, Apple has at all times tried to cover some technical specs of its gadgets reminiscent of processor velocity or quantity of RAM. All this thriller used to be most certainly helpful in step with Apple for looking to "give protection to the buyer"via these ways inflicting distractions to focal point as an alternative on the general performance of the iPhone by way of.

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The first iPhone had a quantity equal to 128MB of RAM, doubled then the iPhone 3G and application iPad. This discrepancy was the main reason that Apple has chosen not to enable multitasking through iOS4.0 iPhone 3G. In the rumors that have followed until now has always claimed that the new iPhone was 4 with 512MB of RAM, but without having seen any evidence that the analysis of the prototypes had reported only 256. A big surprise during a meeting of the WWDC last week, the same Apple has confirmed that the fourth-generation iPhone is equipped with 512MB of RAM.

The amount of RAM in the new device has Cupertino would help ensure overall performance sign
ificantly higher and this could be one of the reasons why iMovie will be made public only and exclusively for this model. What do you think? You finally get the peace of mind knowing that the same Apple has confirmed these rumors about the 512MB of RAM and 4 know that the new iPhone has a new feature to show off than its predecessors.

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