The experience was once awaited for a big a part of American customers of the iPhone, which needed to accept the mediocre high quality of the community of AT&T due to the fact 2007 and launch the primary smartphone cabbage. Verizon convention held lately to announce the iPhone CDMA and if the case does no longer difficulty the remainder of the arena, it’s nonetheless necessary to Apple that considerably expands its consumer base in its dwelling market. Extra to apply on iHelplounge!

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Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon, provides the show and after several minutes of background, announces the chunk: iPhone joins actually the catalog of the operator . It has been two years since the two partners working on the subject, and in 2008, Verizon has made contact with Apple to integrate the smartphone on its CDMA network.


The iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon next month, as the rumors suggested. Apple and Verizon began testing CDMA iPhone in 2008, and Apple then released the iPad on Verizon in 2010. The iPhone is coming in February, it will be CDMA (no LTE) and it’s already listed on Verizon’s website. It’s the same iPhone 4 you know and love, only on Verizon and it connects to CDMA and EvDO networks.

Steve Jobs was expected? Tim Cook who is finally joined onstage McAdam. Apple is very excited to bring the iPhone to Verizon customers , "said he. The iPhone 4 of the operator is identical to its counterpart in AT & T: Camera / Video 5-megapixel chip A4, FaceTime, iOS … all with a CDMA chip. And this partnership is still clearly in its infancy – we recall that Verizon distributes the iPad, but only wifi yet.

History avoid congestion on its network as we have seen (and seen yet) at AT & T, Verizon has taken care to beef up its network to new customers, like the ancients, should not encounter the same problems that users AT & T. We will use …

The iPhone 4 Verizon will be available Feb. 3 pre-orders, with delivery on Feb. 10. Rates are $ 199 for the 16GB model, $ 299 for 32 GB

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