According to information reported by the iPhoneDownloadBlog, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs would reveal the date of the availability of the iPhone 4 white. 


The information remains to be taken lightly because it's not the way of a question from a visitor sent directly by U.S. mail to the boss of Apple. Next the possible assertion of Steve Jobs, it appears that the white version of the iPhone would be sold at four of the Christmas period.

The content of the email sent:

Hello Steve, my name is Nathan and I am a student. I am also a big fan of Apple. I am saving now to get the iPhone 4 but I prefer the white model, which according to the latest information will be available towards the end of this year. I am aware that you get thousands of emails a day but I am curious to know about the new iPhone actually arrives white Christmas? Please do reply. Thank you.

As the response arrived a few minutes later:

Christmas is the end of this year.

As usual, the responses sent from the e-mail from Steve Jobs are still very vague. However, many of you still waiting for this version to decide to purchase the new iPhone?


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