iPhone 4G: More fake Pictures?




New photographs of the hypothetical iPhone 4G regarded the previous day on Engadget. As usual, impossible to know if these pictures are true, the fact remains that this potential new iPhone has a front camera, 80Gb storage and a new design that could be attractive to some of you.


According to the latest information, some people have recognized the craft through the pictures already published on the Twitter network last February 20 (see photos above).  

There is also a camera on the front and, under the present finder 80GB storage space must be present (as a different number in the usual row of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128GB).

But even if this is really an accidental or deliberately "lost" phone to Apple, it is still uncertain whether the iPhone actually does look so. It is after all a prototype. Unfortunately it proved impossible for this particular iPhone to boot. Around the plane was a cover, designed for the iPhone 3G. That the back is made of glass, a temporary solution. 


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