iPhone 4S / 5 A5 CPU performance


It’s no secret, the fifth technology of iPhone, made ​​in slightly below 30 hours, might be a logical processor with A5.  Keep in mind that, the successor to the Apple A4, which already equips the iPad 2, the brand new iPhone is predicted to noticeably elevate efficiency.


 Accompanied by an SGX 543 graphics chip from Imagination Technologies, its graphics performance should be equally mind-blowing. To get an idea of what the beast will be in the belly, what better look again to the performance of iPad 2.

To do so, let's take a look at the table published by benchmarks,  Anandtech . This test graphics performance of different mobile devices, will allow us, at first, to classify the new smartphone Samsung S2 Galaxy and its  graphics chipset ARM Mali-400. Considering the results, the iPad 2 is 2 times better than this new smartphone in frames per second. For its part, the Galaxy S 2 is 4 times better than the iPhone and its four aging (which still very effective) SGX graphics unit 535.

Still not forget that the iPhone may be clocked 5 slower than the iPad 2, and that in order to better manage energy costs of the beast not to cause over-consumption of battery. Anyway it even slightly restrained, the processor of the iPhone 5 A5 Apple should allow Samsung to double in the little racing benchmarks

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