iPhone 4S Already in Apple Store shortages


The iPhone 4S has been now  for pre-order in the United States and several European countries including France and Germany. iPhone customers through the online Apple Store trying to order in many countries are already facing delays to two weeks. This would indicate that the upcoming supply in these countries has almost forgiven.


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iPhone customers who 4S, for example France , Germany , Canada or Australia order to look at waiting times between 1 and 2 weeks. Even the most expensive 64 GB iPhone 4S is available again later. Only in the United States, Apple assures a delivery on October 14, the date when the iPhone launches there.

It is not clear exactly where the slow delivery times indicate: nowhere on Apple's site explains that the phone until 1-2 weeks after October 14th will be sent, or that reasoning with today in mind. If the latter is true, then there is only one week delay.

 What effect this worldwide delivery delays on our right to be seen. There are no warnings from Apple or its resellers come out.


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