iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak Closer to be Completed


The (first) jailbreak the iPhone 4S is anticipated by way of customers of the telephone. The identical for the iPad 2. The development is by using the day as said by way of quite a lot of hackers who’re prompt. The top is Pod2G . Certainly, it was once the primary reducing an untethered jailbreak iOS 5 for all devices except the last Apple phone touch pad and the last of the brand. Thus, to increase its chances of success, he opted to form an alliance with some hackers – a "dream team" But i
t seems that additional assistance would not hurt.


The “X-Gold 618″ mention is a reference to the iPhone 4 baseband chip that planetbeing helped crack with MuscleNerd.

Thus, through MuscleNerd (and Pod2G), we learn that Saurik , the founder of the company Saurik, LCC and application Cydia , just join the "dream team". The tweet refers to "major contributions" for the jailbreak devices with the chip A5 made ​​by the man with the beard. No release date, however, is advanced, but the end of the tunnel is not far off now.

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