iPhone 4S: AT&T is working with Apple to bring the 4G indicator


The iPhone 4S - offered this Tuesday, October four – is twice as quick as its predecessor. It will possibly attain as a obtain throughput of 14.four Mbps or better velocity Phil Schiller had additionally when compared the brand new iPhone with rivals achieving the identical velocity. The latter declare that their telephone is "4G". 

Iphone-4gs-4g-indicator (1)

Schiller rightly says he does not think it is appropriate but would not launch a debate on the true definition of 4G. However, it ensures that the Apple phone has the same speed without being having the (true) 4G [note: 4G LTE].

This is my Next has now obtained a document citing that the U.S. operator AT & T is currently in talks with Apple for the iPhone has a 4S indicator "4G" in the status bar . AT & T believes that the iPhone 4S HSPA + and their guests will have on the day of launch speeds offered by 4G. He ends by stating that it is the only one with such a network. If this decision is born, the indicator 4G happen in an update to iOS.

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