iPhone 4S Audio Issues Ignored by Apple


The iPhone 4S Audio concerns said on the Apple boards have no longer bought a response from Apple in the meanwhile, a lot to the annoyance of the customers. It's been a number of weeks, on the other hand, that discontent is rising. The brand new iPhone house owners stated that many calls endure from negative sound transmission see a complete absence of noise on the road.


People can express their partner but he can not hear them. The problem also appears in the game with the kit. To date, it is 108 pages of angry customers who were ignored by Apple in its community support forums for that purpose. The pages were still viewed more than 150,000 times. After long weeks of silence from Cupertino, customers have given a name to this case: the AudioGate .

While the first post stating the problem was posted on October 17, many hope now that the failure will be repaired at the next update to iOS 5, if indeed the problem is resolvable software-speaking …

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