iPhone 4S Being Tested by Selected Developers?


Consistent with 9t05Mac, Apple has developed for developers, iPhone 4S. Why S? A priori, the only change would be the processor of mobile phones, A5 processor, like its cousin the iPad 2. At the aesthetic level, it would be the same as the current iPhone 4. The few developers designated by Apple have been chosen so that they can optimize their maximum (s) application (s) with this new processor 9 times more powerful.

All the information thus confirm the arrival of a new iPhone or S 5.
 The term iPhone 4S not be ruled out, Apple had shown us in 2008 with the launch of the iPhone 3G and a year later, the appearance of an iPhone 3G which was indeed faster, but does had not changed in design. All this does not mean that the next iPhone will be faster than a copy of the iPhone 4.

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