iPhone 4S Anticipated in China January 2012


In China that you could already purchase iPhones, however that is for the previous version. Prior to the iPhone 4S appears on the market, the certification must first be arranged. It seems that it is almost ready, because according to state newspaper The People's Daily , the iPhone 4S before January 23 in China are available. Operator China Unicom will offer the device, just in time for the Chinese New Year. It turns out certification documents, which refers to a WCDMA phone from Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Company.

The handset comes with model number A1431 found, identical to the iPhone 4S, though the device name is not mentioned. 
In Shenzhen and Shenyang would have sign-up lists started. The long approval process in China is one reason why Apple Stores in the USA are overwhelmed by Chinese traders, who buy the equipment to mainland China to sell to the growing middle and upper class. In Hong Kong (also part of China), the iPhone is already on sale, much cheaper than the price the Chinese going on in their local telecom store to pay.&#0160
Moreover, the unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong.


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