iPhone 4S features you may have missed.


Regardless of the similarities in design with the iPhone four, three main new options make the iPhone a smartphone 4S totally different from its predecessor.  Siri, the brand new eight mega pixels digicam and way more highly effective built-in processor: the A5. However that's no longer all, because the iPhone 4S landed with a number of different specifics you’ll in finding it troublesome to understand with out the 2 variations facet with the aid of facet. Abstract of the six different new "bonus".


Improvement of the antenna

Phil Schiller did not forget to specify when the keynote October, the antenna system of the iPhone 4S is different from that of the iPhone 4 (except CDMA model). One of these changes requires the phone to have in his hand to notice. The "death grip", that is to say, the black bars of separation between each antenna structure are not all in the same place. The fault with the previous antenna system whose hand position attenuated the signal in terms of their positioning. At the release of the iPhone 4, Apple has chosen to offer silicone bumpers to solve this problem.


Now, several antennas share the task of transmitting and receive the signal of your mobile operator. So when your hand supports on an area that can disrupt the receipt or issue, the iPhone change the antenna switch and the data transfer from one antenna to another.

According to Apple, this new antenna system improves the quality of reception on 3G, but also the quality of calls and Wi-Fi transfers

Volume buttons

Changing the antenna system has resulted in moving a few millimeters of the volume buttons (the antenna system is now skewed). This change is found for several months on the model of the CDMA iPhone 4. The result is a quiet setting button and volume buttons are located a little lower than on the iPhone 4. In the photo below, the iPhone is the middle four, the other 2 are the 4S and CDMA.


This led to a slight change in design accessories that go in shells, cases and bumpers for the iPhone 4S.

A vibration motor softer

Apple has removed the previous engine vibration of the iPhone 4, with that adopted by the CDMA model. The new engine offers a less violent vibration, softer. Anyway, the sound vibration is still audible even if you hold your camera in your hand. It is a matter of taste but it seems that many prefer the quieter vibration. The feeling is almost the same but sound is slightly different.


Audio enhancements

The speaker of the iPhone 4S is noisier than its predecessor on the iPhone 4. In many cases, the beeps announcing notifications as Tweetbot are significantly higher volumes to sound the same. Meanwhile, the new speaker seems to produce sounds for greater clarity.


The sound seems cleaner, more crystalline than the iPhone 4. Thus, music and games sound better. However, evidence of this change, the old ring bound for the iPhone 4 and 4S paid to the iPhone are not improved. It seems that the iPhone 4S has a different audio processor, by the way the information iFixit confirms that the audio chip has been changed (not for nothing).

Bluetooth 4.0

The iPhone 4S is also the first to support the iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0, which is more efficient than its predecessor but also more energy efficient. Note that this version does not support voice transmission, the receiver Bluetooth headset should still use a higher transmission power.


However, the new Bluetooth supports data transfer speeds of conventional ever before.Accessories for measuring voltage, fitness for iPhone take advantage now. An example of an accessory that takes advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 is the  Jawbone's Up band health monitoring .


The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone has support for video playback on Apple TV AirPlay with a resolution of 720p and the iPhone simultaneously. The iPhone 4S is also the first iPhone support video mirroring in 1080 via the adapter or wired AV Apple VGA adapter (like the iPad 2!). No doubt the video mirroring should gain popularity among players in the months and years ahead.






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