iPhone 4S SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella to stable the Untethered jailbreak


Each jailbreak consumer is famous to steady the SHSH blobs for the IOS model to coronary heart, as a result of with this SHSH on file certificates can lead customers to downgrade to earlier firmwares. This assurance has just lately printed the Untethered Jailbreak turn into much more necessary. As a result of Apple is anticipated to free up in a short while a brand new IOS Verion to forestall the jailbreak. Sadly some customers are careless and do one thing just right religion via an replace, no longer realizing that the Untethered Jailbreak is misplaced. 



For this reason, users should ensure that any jailbreak SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella. 
Meanwhile, owners can also save an iPhone 4S their SHSH blobs of iOS 5.0.1. Currently, however, still can not downgrade to an iPhone 4S will be carried out, because at the time still lack the appropriate security gap for this step. Nevertheless, owners should be gewadmet for the future and ensure the SHSH blobs. For the Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S could already be published next week, and Apple may be trying to prevent this jailbreak soon with an update. This backup can be performed with the TinyUmbrella latest version, which was r

eleased by the developer Notcom recently.

The relatively short blog entry by Notcom, suitable to publish the new version, however, says it all:

Although we can not exploit / restore iPhone 4S SHSHs we still should save them just in case. I’ve just updated to support iPhone 4S TU 5.0.1b “9A406”.

You should therefore consider that the SHSH blobs of an iPhone 4S at the moment can not be used. But you should as soon as possible to save SHSH blobs before Apple released a new version of IOS and IOS Apple server 5.0.1 no longer signed.

Instructions for backing up SHSH blobs:

  1. Install the software TinyUmbrella ( Mac  or  Windows )
  2. Connect the iPhone 4S on their Mac / PC
  3. Start TinyUmbrella and select your device
  4. Now click on Save SHSH blobs
  5. Now, your SHSH blobs are saved, you had to see the existing SHSH blobs in the table can

Some users reported having problems with the recognition of the iPhone 4S. Thus, the device is not recognized by TinyUmbrella and will not appear. This is also a backup of SHSH blobs is not possible.

In such a case, the following should help you troubleshoot:

  • Copy the file “Sq3lite.dll” to “/ Program Files / Common Files / Apple” or in 64-bit system “/ Program Files (x86) / Common Files / Apple”
  • The file you have to then insert into the same folder that contains the TinyUmbrella.exe


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