iPhone 4S, Siri and iCloud: everything you need to know


Apple the day gone by iPhone 4S , iPod touch, one white, the Siri Assistant and more cases announced. In this article we all announcements in a row, with reference to more detailed articles. So are you sure you do not miss.

New iPhone 4S 


The major announcement was of course the iPhone 4S, an improved version of the iPhone 4. 4S The iPhone has exactly the same dimensions and appearance as its predecessor, but internally is 3 grams heavier and completely renewed. 4S The iPhone has a dual core processor A5, twice as fast as the A4. The battery life is slightly improved thanks to two antenna reception is better.The camera went from 5 to 8 megapixels, and it will soon be possible to 1080p HD video to record. For the European market, a special micro-USB adapter.

The iPhone comes from 4S October 14 in the U.S., Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Japan and Australia. In the Netherlands and Belgium we have until Oct. 28 to turn. European price without subscription will be from € 629 for the 16GB iPhone 4S. Apple has also added a 64GB copy of the catalog. Initial reactions to the iPhone 4S are mixed. Users who had been rumors of a whip by revolutionary iPhone not see much news. Dutch developers in our sample are more positive especially Siri assistant could well be revolutionary.

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Siri: The smart assistant


 Perhaps the most important innovation on the iPhone 4S: the smart assistant Siri.This lets you give commands in natural language, such as: "What will the weather be tomorrow?", "Take me up to 7 hours" or "I want pizza tonight. For now only in English, German and French. Siri is a personal assistant in iOS 5 is built, but for now only works on the iPhone 4S. You press a button and speak the message.You can also e-mail and SMS dictation.Siri was developed by a company that Apple acquired in 2010.

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iOS 5 on October 12

Last night, Apple release the iOS 5 available Golden Master . IOS in May and from October 12 icloud are available to everyone.

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New iPods

Apple has released a new version of iPod nano announced, with the look of its predecessor. The iPod nano is available in seven colors, for a price a few bucks lower than before. New features include improved fitness, where you not only have a pedometer, but you can track activities running with Nike +. Also new are 16 new clock themes for the iPod nano as if you want to watch. 
For the iPod touch, Apple announced a white version. The specifications are also the same. The iPod Touch has received no A5 processor. The iPod shuffle also survive. The same goes for the iPod classic, not during the presentation was shown, but in a slightly higher capacity will be available.



Cards and Find My Friends

Apple announced today two new applications: Cards and Find My Friends. Cards is an app that lets you create greeting cards on the iPhone, which you then the postman to him. A map will be around $2.99 to cost. It was already possible to use Apple's photo books from your computer to order.

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 Find My Friends app the user will be perhaps more appealing. It allows you to share your location and retrieval through icloud. For example you can see if your kids safe at school arrived, or you can track the location of friends and sometime you have agreed.


 You see immediately whether they are nearby. In the app you give permission for a limited time to your location with a specific person to share. Interestingly, there is no integration with existing social networks is made. Also, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the learning-to-look stitching that Apple has chosen. Like the Game Center app it does not radiate from the simplicity of Apple.

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In addition to these important points there were a few small announcements were made in the margins, as new  AppleCare for iPhone. During the day we will post those 'leftovers' are discussed in separate articles. This article will in the course of the day then also be complemented with new details we've added.


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