iPhone 4s users are switching to Samsung Galaxy S5, analysts say


1derful-HD-and-1Derland-2British company CompareMyMobile analysts argue that iPhone smartphone owners are increasingly inclined to buy a smartphone produced by Korean Samsung.

According to the firm , 38 % of all buyers of Samsung Galaxy S5, use a program trade-in, before the owners were iPhone. A large portion of them passed the replacement iPhone 4s. The second most popular smartphone, which was changed to become the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPhone 5s in this ranking took third place.

After acceptance of the old shop selling phones and passed smartphone buyers receive a substantial discount on a new gadget . In general, after the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5 in Barcelona CompareMyMobile customers began to use recycling program to 160 % more .

Meanwhile, the British retailer Phones 4u said the new Galaxy S5 sold twice as better than the previous generation , Galaxy S4 daily sales. Prior to that, Samsung reported that on the day the Galaxy S5 was able to realize a 30% increase flagship smartphones than last year. In many ways, this contributed to the fact that the launch day, the device was available on twice more markets : in 125 countries , compared with 63 at the start of sales of Galaxy S4.

Thus in the Phones 4u on Galaxy S5 accounted for 40 % of all sales of devices with operating contracts on launch day .

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