iPhone 4S: Users Complain about the Yellow Screen Display


Related signs? Keep in mind that, with the discharge of the iPhone four, some house owners of Apple's new smartphone deplored a bent to yellowing of the slab. On the time, the perpetrator was once speedy recognized: the glue! Certainly, it’s this which units all layers of the display, or it was once no longer all the time dry when arriving within the palms of the buyer. Discovering unlucky, apparently the iPhone 4S bear the identical curse.

IPhone 4S-yellow

Indeed, some of the new smartphone users share their findings with excitement about Apple's discussion forums. Where the yellow spots affected only some parts of the screen on the iPhone 4 in the case of the 4S, is the entire screen suffering from acute jaundice. And in the opinion of users, time does not matter … exit is a problem drying glue. The problem may be software, since in the case of Nexus S, the updated Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread gave him jaundice … In this c
ase, the change is intended to provide an optimal colors in low luminosity.


The most likely hypothesis comes from the poor quality of the panel provided Apple. The iPad 2 had suffered a similar problem due to the poor quality of raw slabs provided by LG. As with every release of a new Apple product, iHelplounge can only advise you to wait a bit before you rush to the iPhone 4S, so as not to dry the plaster … Especially Apple n ' has yet to report on the subject.

And you dear readers 4S iPhone owners, do you rate this yellowing (obviously you need an iPhone 4 on hand for comparison)  


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