iPhone 4S video shows benchmark and Siri Settings


The fairly unknown site AppVV claims an iPhone 4S in their hands have been. Managed to a set of benchmarks to run with Apple's new phone.Using a browser-market test, the iPhone 4S scores points against 89.567 44.856 4 for the iPhone, a big improvement. The person who got hold of the iPhone 4S, Siri filmed the new settings of the phone.

The picture below is under the bench markers made ​​with the 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 4S.

The options are Siri on and off, the language (English Australian, English UK, English U.S., German, French), whether the iPhone should talk back (Voice feedback), self-entered information and organize the 'Raise to speak' . If you are the latter option, you do not have the iPhone home button to press for Siri to start, but you can also phone against your ear and ask questions.

(Note: this video might not work on the iPhone)

Besides a browser market test, there are SunSpider test performed for calculating and loading of JavaScript. Which have a total score of 2222.1 milliseconds see. The Samsung S Galaxy II does the same calculations 4517.4 ms . How much RAM the iPhone has 4S still remains guesswork.A few days ago claimed Infinity Blade-Chair of iPhone 4S Developer 250 MB of RAM, but this was later denied. When the first iPhone 4S copies are unscrewed by iFixit repair companies as we know exactly what the technical specifications of the iPhone is 4S.

Via MacRumors


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