iPhone 5: alleged SIM tray seemed


Except the discharge of the following technology iPhone in a couple of month,  nonetheless emerge already the primary parts of this 12 months's Apple new smartphone. Just recently we have about an alleged home button was reported, which come in the new iPhone to use and this time, the SIM slot sees the light of day.The slot for the SIM card is already at the dealer parts SW-Box.comin the offer and seems at first glance no changes to the current model exhibit.

If the SIM tray will really come in the iPhone 5 is used, we can gain insights from it in fact two.
Because of the same form factor of the slot Apple will continue to put one hand on the micro-SIM standard, and not go into this iPhone Nano on the sim.Apparently Apple has delayed the change because of the numerous discussion
s with Nokia about the upcoming SIM standard to the next year.
We can also assume that Apple will not use the hotly debated Liquidmetal and the current form factor is largely maintained.Actually would have a rounded design and material changes in the SIM drawer pull with them, so that new housing can be realized.Also does not appear in the liquid metal insert for use and will therefore not be used in the next case.

Of course, we should get the device with caution because, as we have already learned the iPhone 4S, may also be wrong to suppliers. Nevertheless, says S-box, the part that comes directly from the supplier and affirms that it will be used later in iPhone 5

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