iPhone 5 and iPad 3 expected in this fall?


The advent of a brand new iPhone at the beginning is one thing heardWith the aid of cons, a brand new iPad is far much less. But a rumor extra tenacious means that Apple will recommend a revision of the pill within the fall.


This rumor is all the more surprising that Apple is still struggling to meet demand with its current model. Its online store shows another shipment of one to two weeks. Asian societies Apple partners have begun to take orders for components for the month of September. If we are to believe the latter, Apple would do her shopping for two new products: the iPhone 5 and  iPad.

3 for the iPad, production would begin in early August to the small and ramp up in September. Clearly, it would come on the market in October.

Usually, this kind of information is quite reliable. It is precisely the lack of control components in early spring, which allowed to realize that the successor to the iPhone 4, would not be advertised as its predecessors in June

Regarding this new model, two theses are imaginable: either Apple renews its range, with a new tablet which would (among others) a little lighter and has a screen of 250 dpi. This is the idea supported by DigiTimes . The other hypothesis is that the Cupertino company is offering a new type of iPad. In spring, there was talk of a hybrid half-way between the iPod touch and iPad 


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