iPhone 5 and iPad mini to launch in China in mid-December


iPhone-5-black-two-up-flat-front-backApple sells the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini in December in China. That made Apple just announced in a press release.The iPhone 5 will be on sale from December 14, the iPad mini and iPad fourth generation appear Friday, December 7.When the iPad is it just the Wi-Fi models of the touch screens, because that country must wait on mobile variants. The admission of the iPhone 5 in the Chinese market was a long wait.

The Chinese market will be equipped with two different types of devices. A CDMA model for the network of Telecom Corp., similar to the iPhone 5 in the United States is sold. For the Unicom WCDMA network will be a model on the market.

Figures from IDC up to now made clear that the market share of Apple in smartphone gross sales in China to beneath ten % fell by using the lengthy wait.

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