iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S specifications spotted on the Cincinnati Bell


Rapidly after the primary concrete evidence for the iPhone 4S, there are now new information about the iPhone 5. reader of TUAW has discovered on the website of Cincinnati Bell, a regional network operators in the U.S., five entries to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.Both entries contain detailed specifications for each generation iPhone.


According to information from the website of the network operator to the iPhone 5 with an 8 megapixel camera, HSPA +, A5 processor and a 4 inch screen to be fitted.In contrast, the iPhone 4S a 5 megapixel camera, a 3.5 inch display and also contain the A5 processor should.Both entries contain no picture and one was "Add to Cart" button does not even appear.Therefore, these are probably purely a placeholder for the upcoming iPhone models, but the specifications might be true.Furthermore, both entries were removed shortly after the discovery of the site and could therefore confirm the authenticity of the information.


TUAW also claims that the evidence found by 9to5Mac not exist in iTunes 10.5 Beta version and in addition there is no concrete evidence that the iPhone 4S is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera (like 9to5Mac claims).

Quote from TUAW:

A different website is claiming that only the 4s iPhone will be announced, based on strings that were allegedly found in a pre-beta release of iTunes.A source close to TUAW revealed that no such text strings were found in any of the recent beta releases of iTunes.

In addition, several of the new variant was discovered in iPhone 5 in the American electronics retailer RadioShack in the commodity system.Here, the various versions differ based on each provider, the color and memory.Whether it is simply the entries are pure placeholders at this point is still unclear.It is also surprising that no iPhone 4S model is listed in the system and also a 64 GB version can be found.


Just 51 hours, there are still up for the long-awaited Apple Keynote, which finally brings clarity to the rumor mill.It will be exciting, with which devices Apple will surprise us.Of course, we will ask you for a live blog available on which we will gather all known information.


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