iPhone 5 Case Leaked, thinner than the iPhone 4


The iPhone and&#a hundred and sixty;iPad accessory maker Anycast Solutions , iPhone iSpazio site features exclusive footage of an iPhone 5 case. This enables the website at least. The cover is striking much thinner and wider than a comparable 4-iPhone case. According Anycast is the format of 12.2 x 6.5 cm new iPhone and the iPhone has a 5 mm thickness.


The latter fact can indicate two things: the iPhone 5 is not even thick, or the size of the iPhone are still guesswork. Still, it's nice to have a debate on the rumor going.

On the picture below clearly shows that the cover of the iPhone in the iPhone literally four 5-cover fits. Another striking feature of the pink plastic covering is that there is no place for the mute button. On the side are very busy sensitive bits reserved for the volume buttons and the camera back on the familiar side. Contrary to the rumor this morning , the iPhone has 5 under this cover just the familiar 30-pin connector that allows the phone can be charged.


Another photo shows the iPhone 4 in a bright green, alleged case of seeing the iPhone 5. Then it's good thickness difference between the two devices to see. Also seems to cover the bottom slightly thinner than the top. Could the next iPhone or do not even thickness?


Anycast solutions suggests that the inside cover that they have received from a famous maker covers from Shenzhen (China), and that investments there so great, that not just any bag size is gambled.


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