iPhone 5 CDMA Coming to Verizon Wireless by End of the Year


In keeping with sources inside of The Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to start production around the end of the year, the iPhone 4 compatible with Verizon Wireless CDMA network. Then, this version of the iPhone 4 will be marketed in early 2011.


Another important fact is published by WSJ regarding the iPhone 5, according to sources, lto next-generation iPhone is already in development and will have a totally different design known models. However, not sure the iPhone 5 is compatible with Verizon

El iPhone 5 will be presented, as expected, the WWDC 2011 in June.

So far, neither Apple nor Verizon have spoken about it, so the news should be taken as a rumor.
iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 Verizon
Speaking of rumors, an analyst at Kaufman Bros has reported that Apple is working on two versions of the iPhone 5, a large screen (high end – about 4 inches) and a smaller one than the current iPhone 4(of low-end but always quality).


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