iPhone 5 charging costs about $0.41 per year



Energy-consuming in an iPhone device? Not at all, says Opower, a consumer platform for energy matters. Opower, the annual energy consumption calculated for charging an iPhone 5 and to approximately 3.5 kWh, which will be translate roughly to $0.41 cents per year.

We draw on an average price of 21.5 cents per kWh. The Americans are 11.5 cents per kWh considerably cheaper.

Opower took as its starting point that you have the iPhone 5 once a day fully charged. Your personal energy costs may vary depending on the energy rate that you pay and your usage behavior. It is therefore small numbers, but you look at the 170 million iPhone 5’s estimated that the coming year will be sold, then it suddenly serious business: it is equivalent to the energy consumption of $54,000.


Using a Watts Up Pro Electricity Consumption Meter, we measured how much electricity it took to charge each phone from 0% to 100% full. Taking those results and modeling them across a year (see Methodology), we found that on an individual basis, the latest smartphones use a trivial amount of electricity.

Yes, the Galaxy costs 12 cents more to charge than the iPhone 5, primarily because of the Galaxy’s larger battery. The paramount point here though is not the difference between the two phones, but rather their striking similarity: the energy consumption of a modern smartphone is minuscule.

Yet, there is good news: the more people use their smartphones for a variety of tasks, the less they use appliances that consume more energy, such as desktop computers and TVs. On balance, the use of smartphones therefore ever more environmentally friendly. This effect is reinforced by the popularity of the iPad, which a year but to estimate costs $1.36 to charge to stay. Which also can be used as an alternative to TV and computer. Moreover,  consumption the energy increased by 13%, which is caused by the fact that we are increasingly pursuits a device with plug need. [via Opower]

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