iPhone SJ concept to Steve Jobs homage


The Italian clothier Antonio De Rosa has created a concept design for the future iPhone.Rosa does not work for Apple, but it is a big admirer of Steve Jobs. That inspiration led to some ideas of how the future iPhone 5 should look like. Rosa takes a screen, which runs all the way to the edges.

The iPhone 5 
did not happen in 2011 as we hoped and wished, as the rumors. Instead, we had an iPhone 4S with Siri, a wizard who wants intelligent voice.Better than nothing. Until next summer for the next model of Apple, take their troubles patiently. Graphic benefit for us to wait so wisely. This is the case of Antonio De Rosa. The artist grows into a fantasy, "display" edge-to-edge "(ie: covering the entire screen of the iPhone) on a mobile lightweight polycarbonate."

The name of the phone is amusing. Rosa has not called "iPhone 5" but "iPhone SJ" in reference to Steve Jobs. It integrates the processor Apple A6 with a target of 10 million pixels for the camera.


A 10-megapixel camera, A6 processor and polycarbonate enclosure ensure that the technical specs of fans their money's worth. The use of lightweight polycarbonate, the unit can be performed.

It's just a figment of course, but Apple would not blunder along strike to the design of Antonio De Rosa actually execute. The designer has tried to "best smartphone on the planet" to do. Apple iPhone will only be called SJ perhaps not as fast and also choose the apple on the front is not typical for Apple.


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