iPhone 5 concept video Based On Rumors


After Apple sent out invitations to press event to be held September 12 in San Francisco, the network has information very curious amateur videos that will tell us what will be the new iPhone 5 resemble. Sam Beckett armed with Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects to create a concept of the new iPhone 5  presentation based on all the rumors, which has been actively discussed by analysts, journalists and the public.

Sam Beckett in his video decided to put not only such obvious things as increased up to four-inch screen, the new building and reduced dock connector, but also less likely rumors that the new smartphone will be a fingerprint scanner, new operating system iOS .

The last two features are increasingly imaginative Sam and unlikely to have anything to do with reality, despite the fact that slipped rumors fingerprint reader and some "new unknown functions of iOS 6."


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