New covers, new rumors. The web siteGadgetsDNA points to a Chinese iPhone case currently on the trading site Alibaba is offered . This case is for the 'iPhone 5G. The case has the particularity that the bezel (bezel) is much narrower than we're used to on the iPhone 4. There is something strange going on with the camera of this "iPhone 5 ': the flash is too close to the camera lens, but on the other side of the device. 


Rumors about the next generation iPhone always emphasize that the device is not much different from the current iPhone 4. There would only be present in minor cosmetic differences .

It would in these cases can go for accessories that are made on the basis of prototypes that are currently circulating for Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone. choosing the name "iPhone 5G" seems less credible. The iPhone 3G was indeed so, because the device is suitable for the 3G network. And while there (especially in the U.S.) has 4G networks are rigged, it's still a step too far at all to talk about 5G.

As regards the smaller screen edge: Former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky claimed a while since the new iPhone would have barely a screen edge. He also thought that the screen will be larger (3.7 instead of 3.5 inches) and the back is made ​​of shiny metal. Topolsky, however, claimed that the iPad 2 an SD card slot and that would have turned out crap.

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