PCMag: iPhone 5’s fastest smartphone on the market



Launched on September 21,  PCMag has named the iPhone 5 the fastest smartphone they’ve ever tested. Compared with other recent smartphones and recorded the results in a table. It shows that the fastest dual-core A6 chip device is what can be bought now. PCMag used benchmarks such as SunSpider, Browser Mark Guimark 3 Bitmap and GLBenchmark 2.5. On this basis, the testers concluded that the iPhone 5 is twice as fast as its predecessor and the fastest ‘handheld computer’  currently sold in the U.S.. Previously showed that even though the iPhone 5 has a much better performed in a drop test in comparison with its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

PCMag testers indicate that the hardware performance of a device not only where to look.Usability, design and how good a device in your hand, are also important. With the iPhone you’re covered: the unit has long been praised for its intuitive operation. For Apple, it is important that the perception of ordinary users, people who do not worry about PowerVR SGX GPU 543MP3 with three cores and 32 nanometer manufacturing. For ordinary users is about how fast a browser startup and no hiccups when playing a game. That is also noticeable in practice: the Web is not only measurable but also noticeably faster and better graphics performance when you notice you after half an hour with the iPhone 5 should play back to the iPhone 4S.

The table below shows the scores. The higher the score, the better:


Mark browser shows the speed when loading pages in the browser. The iPhone 5 scores very high and this defeats the end devices from other manufacturers. The iPhone 5 is also faster than previous iPhones, as the table below shows. In short: surfing is the iPhone 5 is currently the fastest in the world. The question of course is: how long until competitors like Samsung, HTC and Motorola processors even heavier in the fight throwing?

GUIMark 3 is a measure of the number of frames per second, while refreshing the browser. The iPhone 5 scores thereon an impressive score of 58.1. The Samsung Galaxy S III scores hereby 60.73 with slightly higher.

The SunSpider test is designed to enhance the performance of JavaScript in the browser to test.The score of the iPhone 5 is not the highest, but the testers charges the iPhone pages almost twice as fast as the competition.

PCMag compared the iPhone 5 with all previous iPhones.



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