iPhone 5 Panel Leaked Schematic Leak Finds Facetime Digicam


After the day gone by several pictures of the possible back of the next iPhone emerged, the Japanese website iPhone repair  iLab Factory  has a schematic of what happens to be the next iPhone 5. This is a longer depicted iPhone, which resembles the 4-inch iPhone seems that yesterday in the photos appeared. In the drawing, it is also clearly be seen that the FaceTime camera is brou
ght closer to the middle.


The drawing was discovered by Macotakara . In the illustration, only to see the iPhone itself: the specifications are listed next to it, seem to have been made ​​aware unrecognizable, but it is not clear how reliable the source is .

The leaked iPhone 5 schematic confirms that Apple has increased the display screen size and the camera next to the ear speaker has been moved to the top of the ear speaker.

Although the image does not reveal new specifications, he makes the earlier pictures of iPhone parts something credible. Meanwhile, namely three separate images of the new rear repairers show. However, there is always a chance that one of them has made an image itself, on the basis of the previously added pictures.[via Lee]


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