The rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 begin progressively develop into an increasing number of to be. So you need to learn a couple of days in the past a few Liquidmetal iPhone 5 and we had some concept designs for you. Now comes the iLounge website with some interesting rumors about the iPhone 5. iLounge has a reasonably reliable past when it comes to rumors, so they were correct several times about the new iPhone.

The website iLounge would have learned that the iPhone 5 a 4 "screen gets. 
But this screen will not change the width, only in height. This gives you an iPhone so that only a little higher instead of wider. In addition, the iPhone 5 20% smaller than the iPhone should be 4 (S). The iPhone 4 (S) is 9.3 mm thick, giving the iPhone 5 7.4 mm thick should be.

Finally, also claims iLounge that the new iPhone will get a smaller dock connector. This corresponds to an article back in February. iMore website claimed that Apple is planning a smaller dock connector to come.


iLounge has some pictures which show what the difference would be between the iPhone 4 (S) and the iPhone 5. Pay no attention to the design, which of course will in all probability totally new.


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