The iPhone 5&#one hundred sixty;reportedly be geared up with Qualcomm chipsets for GSM and 3G connectivity, with 30 to forty % of the substrates&#one hundred sixty;equipped via the Taiwanese Kinsus, stories the Taiwan Apple Daily website based on own resources . The company would be the necessary components at the earliest to make this quarter, before the end of March. The same sources claim that the iPhone will be launched this spring 5.


According to Apple Daily, the processor should also see a major update, adding that Kinsus provide input for the "new A8 processor," although it is unclear whether Apple Daily means is a Cortex A8, or successor A4 Apple (the new name would suggest then a dual-core architecture, precisely one of the peculiarities of the architecture Cortex A9). We also suspected the Samsung Orion serve as the basis for future processors from Apple, as was the case of Hummingbird for the A4.

Kinsus was reportedly not only elements of Qualcomm chipsets deliver, but also involved in supplying parts for "a new A8 application processor. It is unclear what exactly this means. It would only be an improved version of the current Cortex-A8 ARM chip can do. But it is also possible that 'A8' stands for Apple's successor to the A4-processor, which controls the iPhone 4 and iPad. In that case it could be a processor that the advanced ARM Cortex-A9 base has dual core.( Electronista)

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