iPhone 5: Images and video of the first physical mockup


Giga made ​​the effort and an initial design prototypes, which could be coming to the iPhone 5 is worth, developed. Based on the previously surfaced CAD graphics, components, protective covers, instructions and a three-dimensional computer model mockup was calculated.This virtual model was used as a template to create the first physical mockup.



The pictured prototype is equipped with a 4 inch screen and has a slight teardrop shape.This is the prototype of the width of 59.94 mm with only a few millimeters wider than the current iPhone 4thIn contrast with a length of 109.98 mm is slightly shorter.These dimensions correspond exactly to the replicas of the alleged  iPhone 5 icon in the iPhoto Beta 9.2 Beta 3, we have published a few weeks ago.


iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPhone 4 and 5

Even with the side profile, Giga has abided by the leaked information, the wedge-shaped and implemented in the prototype.Thus, the maximum height is 6.86 mm at the upper end and towards the bottom, the profile narrows to a mere 5.33 millimeters.


Even with the built prototype, the mute switch is located on the right and left is no longer on the page.This feature is in various protective covers come true to see for the upcoming iPhone 5 and could therefore.The dimensions of the mockup does not agree with those of the protective covers leaked from China agreed.Therefore, the official iPhone could very likely be five slightly larger than shown here.


Furthermore, the often speculated capacitive Home button installed in the mockup and to respond to the slightest touch.In addition, certain gestures can be performed on the home button to trigger various actions.One obvious reason for the elimination of mechanical buttons could be the home of used space in the case, because save by the very thin profile has Apple plenty of room to accommodate all the hardware elements.


Altogether, I like the prototype in the iPad look very good and would certainly arrive at the broad even people very well.However, we do not know if Apple will give us “surprise” with such an iPhone.We are later than next Tuesday, October 4, detailed information about the new iPhone generation experienced.

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