The Guardian wrote today that the next generation iPhone 5 is being tested by various operators. Charles Arthuer author has learned from sources that the operators. There were boxes on the way to introduce new iPhone hardware. The iPhones have special sleeves that are placed around prototypes so they do not use on public notice.

Iphone-5-mockup (1) "Sources of my operator told me that the boxes containing the internal components of the iPhone were transported to operators for testing," said The Guardian. Indeed, for each prototype, Apple sends a previously sealed box which contains what the next iPhone will be in the stomach without 5 contain the iPhone itself. We had evidence last year with the iPhone lost four in a bar before the announcement. It turns out that it was in a shell strong resemblance to an iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 4 ever in a bar in California was left behind, found himself in such a case, giving the impression arose that it was an ordinary iPhone 3G. By using the sleeves during the field test was the antenna problem of the iPhone 4 are not easily noticed.

Much is not deduced from the boxes that now the operators have been delivered. The phones are in a dummy case that no clues about the final look of the phone. The boxes are designed to meet the test labs of the operators to use and are sealed.

Recently, we have regular pieces of information, indicating that a launch comes soon. A source in switzerland operator would have already given hints that Apple informs operators worldwide to focus on the product launch to prepare. It was talked about a launch in the U.S. in September and an October release in other major global markets. Internally at Apple, the latest hardware testing the iPhone already is completed That month would also be some top people from Apple and some operators already run the device in his pocket, for testing.

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