iPhone 5 is five times more popular than Galaxy S4 by the number of tweets per day announcement



Experts from the company Investing Analytics found that the iPhone 5, presented six months ago, was five times more popular in the day of the presentation than the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 . If you believe the analysts, for days about “apple” in the number of new items published 2.4 million messages while on the Galaxy S4 was written only 440,000 tweets.

In Investing Analytics believes that the famous service for sharing short messages, you can use Twitter as a tool to assess the popularity of a product.

“The popularity of Samsung is growing, but the focus remains fixed on Apple”, – said analysts.

It is noted that 81% of tweets about Samsung Galaxy S IV were positive with respect to iPhone 5 The situation is somewhat different: positive messages were 73% of the total.


In the meantime, in line with analysts, Samsung had an awfully dangerous ending ultimate yr, and this yr can be for Koreans much more a hit. Specifically, Counterpoint Analysis argue that this 12 months, Samsung will promote a standard of 25 million smartphones within the ultimate month. And within the first quarter of 2013 Koreans can do away with greater than 70 million,” if you want to be a brand new document for the corporate, for you to be met, regardless of the standard seasonal decline in gross sales.

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