iPhone 5 keyboard and laser holographic screen concept


So long as Apple's iPhone has no longer but determined, we proceed to fantasize what options Apple will cease it. Aatma Studio San Francisco has a prototype of the iPhone 5 to  devise a corresponding virtual laser keyboard. The keyboard can be projected on a desk. CEO Pramod Shatharam of Aatma Studio explains that his company big fan of the iPhone. Now that the buzz surrounding the iPhone 5 increases, they find it a good time to such a concept to bring.


They have their vision in the movie which features the iPhone 5 and subsequent models should have. The concept includes not only a keyboard, but also about the design of the iPhone in May, the designers thought. Furthermore, they devised a holographic screen as in the picture above shows. It lets you project an image, with no wall or barrier is required. See the video below to see how the designers of the eyes.


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