MobileFun claiming through a Chinese source document refers to have case that shows the design of the iPhone 5 . Although, recent reports showed a redesign for the new upcoming iPhone. If you believes the website, the next iPhone would have the same back as the iPad 2, that is curved. In addition, we clearly see a larger screen that touches each edge (at last count, it is reported a screen of 3.7 “or 4”) and a wider HOME button. Finally, the HOME button is no longer valid. A few months ago, a report This is my Next annou
nced what could serve this button.



Apple needs to have a better way to  protect its secrets. There are countless number of times the iDevice cover / case manufacturers  have unveiled a bit before the official announcement from Apple. After all, with the case of the iPhone lost four in a bar last year, we imagine that Steve Jobs and equip redoubled their effort to hide any clues until the announcement of the product. Specially with the Announcement of the release might take place by the end of August (Via  9to5Mac)






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