The subsequent iPhone, That you can imagine iPhone 5 could get a window with curved glass. Apple began with the funding goal. Pronounced that unnamed sources on the Taiwanese website Digitimes. Apple would have 200 to 300 glass cutting machines bought to speed up production. That purchase was necessary because the manufacturers of the glass coating on the screen, major investments need to streamline production.


The machines are currently in storage in plants and to purchase them when revenues from the production of the machines are up to standard, the sources explained.
There is no timetable for the production of the next iPhone. Apple is still with producers around the table to share the proceeds of increasing production. It would take place at (bent) glass, glass cutting, layering and touch sensors. That reported the DigiTimes sources. The previous generation iPod nano had a curved glass layer over the screen. The S has the Samsung Nexus .

It is not known when the next iPhone, and how that would even be called; 5 iPhone, iPhone  4G or iPhone 4S. So far the rumors point out that next iPhone will be a brushed metal back, but he kind of keeps the iPhone 4. The rumors of a curved screen are contrary there directly against it, because that would drastically change the look.The month of September is most known for the appearance of the model. Perhaps one another and finally confirmed by Apple itself on the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 6 to 10.

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