IPhone 5 users complaining about the “mysterious flicker” on the Keyboard [Video]



Some iPhone 5 users reported of having problems with the device display. apple discussion forum is filled with complaints about this problem. Apparently the new complaint is about a “mysterious flickering” on the virtual keyboard screen.

In recent years, similar precedents an integral part of the launch on the market a new device, but, in contrast to the claims against the iPhone 4S, for example, complaints about the iPhone 5 are more “mysterious” character. In addition to the purple fringing in pictures taken when shooting in bright light source outside frame and the problems with the wireless network Wi-Fi, users report a strange flicker on the screen when you call virtual keyboard iOS.

In some cases, flickering so intense, making it almost impossible to use the smartphone. In videos posted online, which demonstrated a mysterious bug iPhone 5. According to reports on the support forum Apple, the problem is widespread among Japanese users new items.

In addition, as we reported in September, some customers have reported so-called “bubble effect”, the iPhone 5 display is modified to the touch. In addition to this problem, users are complaining that sometimes the screen does not register the click in the location where the user touches to it, as well as yellow spots, which are especially noticeable on a white or gray background at low brightness.

In parallel, the owners talk about the short battery life iPhone 5 and such messages more than reports of defects with the screen. This bug is probably related to the new operating system, iOS 6, which runs a novelty. After upgrading to this model, the fast battery consumption.

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