The subsequent iPhone 5, in line with 9to5mac can be geared up with NFC. Apple could work out a deal with the Mastercard creadit card to make payments possible via the iPhone. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC turns your iPhone into a convenient payment method: that will become handy for users. Also with iOS 6's new feature, users can use Passbook on the iPhone as a digital boarding pass. most countries will embrace NFC enthusiastically.

The rumors are based on a conversation on an app developer on the basis of his contacts at Apple that mentioned iOS developers are currently engaged in the implementation of NFC in the mobile Apple operating system. Immediately after the introduction of the new iPhone 5, which is expected after this Fall, users can begin rolling out mobile payments via iPhone

The combination of NFC and PBS creates high expectations. Jim Peters, chief technology officer at SITA (a company that specializes in IT and telecommunications in the air), expected at the end of this year already massively digitally checked at the airports. The majority of smart
phones will integrated with NFC.

Apple competitors keep themselves busy for some time with NFC. Google began experimenting with paying via Android devices, along with Citibank. Mobile operators in some countries have a partnership with BlackBerry, which is known for the high level of security devices, and therefore highly considered suitable for performing mobile payments.

Apple has long been engaged in the development of NFC: there was even talk that the iPhone 4S would be equipped with the NFC technology. Now with iOS 6, the digital wallet passbook will be introduced with NFC the integration technology. Earlier Nokia announced a phone to be integrated with NFC phone and has Windows Phone 8 onboard.


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